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Website accessibility

Website accessibility

Edith Cowan University is committed to making our webpages meet accepted web accessibility standards.

If you experience any difficulty accessing information, resources or services on any hg8868皇冠 webpage, please contact us via the Contact us link present on each webpage.

We have a commitment to providing accessible web content on the main hg8868皇冠 website that complies with the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA (Priority 2). Our webpages have been constructed in accordance with these guidelines, making them accessible to a variety of people, including those using assisted technology.

The following additional features are present on all pages within our corporate website, although they may not be immediately obvious if you aren't specifically looking for them.

Skip links / HTML Access Keys

The following 'skip links' are present within our webpage templates

  • Skip to main content (HTML Access Key = 2)
    This will jump your browser to our main content section within the webpage.
  • Skip to global navigation (HTML Access Key = 3)
    This will jump your browser to our main global navigation links, commonly located across the top of our webpages.
  • Skip to local section navigation (HTML Access Key = 4)
    This will jump your browser to the left-hand navigation menu located within a webpage section.
  • Skip to supplemental navigation (HTML Access Key = 5)
    This will jump your browser to the footer located on the bottom of our webpages.

Keyboard navigation

The hg8868皇冠 website and hg8868皇冠 Intranet are keyboard navigable. This is commonly referred to as 'tabbing'. If you 'tab' through our webpages an additional toolbar appear at the top of the webpage. This will allow you to access the 'Skip links' above and enables you to 'tab' into specific areas.

Reading support

The University has a licence for BrowseAloud software. BrowseAloud adds speech and reading support tools to online content on our public website and intranet. It extends the reach of our websites for people who require reading support, including those with dyslexia, learning difficulties, mild visual impairments or where English is their second language.

For further information regarding BrowseAloud, or to download the required software for your computer, please visit the BrowseAloud website.

Continuous improvement

Our corporate web management team has a passion for continuous improvement. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the accessibility of our webpages we'd love to hear from you. Contact:

Digital Marketing, Experience and Analytics Team

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